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Coronavirus Update Center

At Dallas Tandem Skydiving Center your safety is our priority. There are known risks in skydiving and also known risks related to Covid-19, but we are taking steps to improve your safety and our safety during your skydiving experience.   To that end, we are making several changes to best serve you during this time. 

  • See that our Instructors and Drop Zone Staff are wearing masks that cover their nose/mouth.

  • See that our Instructors and Drop Zone Staff are washing hands as part of their interaction with you.

  • Expect to be asked questions regarding your general Covid-19 health and travel prior to your skydive. 

  • Wear a face mask that covers your nose and mouth.

  • To assist with social distancing please bring only one guest with you per person jumping. 

A cleaner skydiving experience is here:  Please see all the ways we’re working to improve your safety and some things you can do during your skydiving experience to help keep you and your instructor safe.


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